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Our firm has a wide experience on design, development and use of diamond wire in their numerous applications. Over two decades we have been developing diamond tools for the cut of stone, concrete, silicon and steel becoming a world reference on the field and one of the biggest world producers of the aforementioned tools.

Our biggest achievement, of which we feel extremely proud, is being not only one provider more for our clients, but also having become a reliable partner of them who they can rely on in order to improve their production process day by day. Throughout the last 4 years we have set aside important resources to start our continuous training program and our OTDA system (On Time Data Analysis) to help our clients understand all the operating parameters of our tools with a view to improve their production costs.

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The development of our technology is based on the experience achieved in our projects and undertaken challenges all over the world

Our wires are the outcome of a constant and intense research labour and investigation in order to get steady formulas with an ideal balance between efficiency, life span and cost. Altogether, this is what allow us offering our clients a product with no rivalry that grants them an increase in their productivity while decreasing the operation costs.

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Through our highly qualified technical team we put at disposal of our clients a continuous training program to help them understand and improve their procedures and their operative. Also, thanks to our OTDA (On Time Data Analysis) system we are able to do an exhaustive monitoring of each of the products we supply, in order to adjust the relevant parameters on each moment, with the aim to maximize the profit of our clients.


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